Concocting your formula is just a matter of figuring out how

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A chance encounter with the self proclaimed Happiest Guy in the World a few years back sent me on a quest to figure out just what makes ridiculously happy people tick. Countless hours of observation and contemplation have led me to one all encompassing truth: Essentially, locating that sweet spot involves identifying and maintaining that ultimate balance where you are at your best and thriving. Concocting your formula is just a matter of figuring out how to spend your time in a way that is most rewarding..

Sometimes gossip is mean spirited and intended to cause hurt. Whether gossip is careless or intentional, it causes pain. We may be hoping for a little humor or self justification, but the results of gossip are anger, suspicion, embarrassment, and fear.

) and has already served as speaker. She and the No. 2 and No. When people want to lose weight, they would want to lose it in the quickest way possible. This then becomes the unique selling point of many wellness centers that claim to help you lose the pounds fast. One example that has joined the bevy of options is the use of body wraps to lose inches.

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