Jordan has also appeared on the Rooster Teeth Podcast

He started out as a fan making the animations fro fun, and after being discovered by the staff, Jordan was hired full time to work on the production team. Jordan has also appeared on the Rooster Teeth Podcast, RT Recap, and various other productions.Both Monty and Jordan will be doing signings at the Supernova events, so don’t miss your chance to meet these two animation gurus and get yourself signed copies of Rooster Teeth’s latest releases!Hanabee is proud to announce that alongside their Supanova appearances, Monty and Jordan will be appearing in Melbourne for an exclusive live talk at ACMI.EVENT NAME: Animating, the Rooster Teeth way.Join Rooster Teeth’s key animators cheap jordans, Monty Oum and Jordan Cweirz, for an exclusive behind the scenes look at two distinct animation styles that have defined Rooster Teeth’s Red Vs. Blue, RWBY and Animated Adventures.For the first time in Melbourne, we join both Monty and Jordan cheap jordans, side by side, to discuss their work cheap jordans, their challenges, and their inspiration to create successful content that has resonated with a plethora of fans around the world.This panel has been curated to showcase an insight to the animation process from both gurus, as well as a chance for the fans to get up close and personal with a final Q session.If you ever had a dream of becoming an animator, currently studying animation, or simply a fan of the animation behind some of the biggest Rooster Teeth programs, then come join us for this rare chance to learn from two accomplished animators..

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