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I again say what I said before in my comment that I hate speaking hoi4 reddit politics, but democratic socialism is just horse shit. Our world(capitalist and individual rights) has for centuries relied on free markets to produce money and currency to distribute and pay for everything, the money and the continuing growth of the stock markets and the value of money and it being taxes is the only thing that will and has ever funded the basic welfare systems. US republicans, UK tories and European right wing parties usually want less public programs(although usually europeans are much more public services and programs than the GOP).

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go to the website Obviously this is all hearsay and we’ll never know details, but if these are true then we’re left with Okoye, Cush, Kareem, Merc, Nuk, and KJo. What’s especially interesting to me is the 1st round CBs he’s taken bc that’s the position he played and coached before moving into a front office role. Jackson and Johnson have both had their flashes but neither is a homerun.

Despite the fact they used 1 source and no more, a major no no in any sort of academics. Also failed to mention the fact that Monsanto has a major problem in the past of paying the organizations that perform these “studies.” So any study involving Monsanto or their products should be taken with a grain of salt because there a decent chance they influenced it based on their previous business practices. He also exclusively mentions a single chemical in Round up, when Round up as a whole is what in question.