The 25,000 square foot project includes four art galleries,

Art walk] has helped tremendously, said Nancy Parker turnout since has gotten better and better and better. McClellan, for example, recently built a world class glass studio on his property. That space, which added on to a large gallery space that was built from an old fish packing plant, opened in January..

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fashion jewelry One of the Anchorage Museum’s most anticipated additions is a $24 million expansion opening in September. The 25,000 square foot project includes four art galleries, event space and enhanced venues dedicated to the museum’s rich art, history, science and cultural programming. An outdoor event space east of the addition will host film screenings, educational events and private receptions when it opens late this summer.. fashion jewelry

Encompasses 200 pieces of everything from masks to slingshots. There is a wonderful range and quality to all the pieces and this exhibit is part of a capital campaign to build a Mayan museum in Guatemala City to bring awareness and appreciation to what the Mayans did, he said. Would like visitors to come and allow themselves to explore, to embrace the diversity and see the vast variety of materials in both shows.

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