There are some different (but popular) components

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There are several components, and several different ways of transmitting the data. But if you cut one of the wires in half, then add an extra processor to join the halves, knowing whatever protocol was supposed to be used over that wire (or data bus), you should be able to program it so it normally lets the data through unaltered, but on some event (on boot, if it detects some data pattern, etc) it could either modify that data, or not retransmit it, or append some extra data, or whatever.There are some different (but popular) components, data replica bags from china protocols and ways of wiring things up, and kinds of data, that if modified could lead an attacker to gain control of a meaningful part of the computer. Always consider the source and their motives.It just doesn’t make any sense for a tiny “signal conditioning chip” (even if it attacked the DMA) to do half the things that the article suggested.

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