Children of narcissistic and controlling mothers report that

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Hermes Replica This is what passes for an apology when you’re dealing with a narcissist, and it’s just another form of blame shifting combined with a little bit of emotional hot potato. Children of narcissistic and controlling mothers report that this is pretty much a staple of childhood, a way of glossing over or excusing parental bad behavior. It sounds like this: “I wouldn’t hermes birkin bag replica get so angry if you didn’t misbehave all the time,” “I wouldn’t have to yell if you ever listened,” “If you were more like your sister, I’d be calmer.” In a relationship between two adults, the message might be a bit more subtle but it still delivers the same punch: “I wouldn’t get so angry or frustrated if you listened in the first place,” “I could deal with your sloppiness if you weren’t always defensive and then maybe I wouldn’t yell,” “If you paid attention, we wouldn’t be arguing because I was crystal clear.” Again, unloved daughters who are deeply used to self criticism are more likely to buy into this speciousness.. Hermes Replica

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