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To deny those simply taking up space there because they have no alternative equal protection of the law is to deny them that right guaranteed them by The Constitution. There is an atmosphere of pushing “them” away. Nowhere is the fault line separating the advantaged from the disadvantaged so clear as the way America handles homelessness.

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There a huge disconnect in the country over what the intent of law enforcement is. They are legally allowed to give the impression they giving valid legal advice, and most people don know any better. The courts side with the police, and no one is looking out for the common citizen.

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In all weathers, he would stand over the grave and read all of the rubrics from the Book of Common Prayer that attended the burial of a saint. bag replica high quality And I would often think, you know, maybe there’s an abbreviated version of this that would get us out of Michigan winters faster, and back into the warm hearse. But Jake said that these are the most important funerals we do when no one is watching but whomever’s in charge here..

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