Many of these restrictions, such as not being allowed to have

As Chief Justice John Roberts, hardly a champion for criminals, wrote in a recent dissenting opinion: “Prosecutors, when they rise in court, represent the people of the United States. But so do defense lawyers one at a time.” Too many Americans underestimate the constitutional importance of an independent bar with the ability to prevent government overreach. Yet as Justice Roberts wrote, though prosecutors visibly protect society’s interests, so do defense attorneys; for a balanced justice system is the bedrock of a fair society and defense attorneys, like prosecutors, are an integral part of that bedrock..

handbags ysl replica The Supreme Court’s judgement on the matter need be of no consequence.State governments have rarely respected the judiciary when the vote banks seem unhappy. Just as the Tamil Nadu government circumvented the apex court’s ban on the barbaric jallikattu with an ordinance, so can the Kerala government ensure that Lord Ayyappa is sheltered from the dangerous influence of nubile women who could be a threat to his celibacy.But what can the state do about ysl polo replica devotees who take matters into their hands with contempt for the law as well as the courts?First, politicians restricted themselves to threats. The Shiv Sena in Kerala declared its members would commit mass suicide if women entered Sabarimala, and then appeared to realise it had only offered liberals what they would consider a win win situation.Then, the faithful threatened riots and homicide.They have come close enough. handbags ysl replica

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ysl replica bags china Narendra Modi, who was then chief minister of Gujarat, revealed some things about himself and his style of working that I found interesting.Modi said he doesn’t read files. This I found to be ysl replica unusual in someone who is so decisive because one needs full control over the subject if one is eager to take big decisions.But Modi says he cannot govern through ‘academics studies’ and instead asks his officers to summarise all issues for him, and brief him orally.They are expected to go through the file and tell him, as he put it, ‘yeh masala hai kya.’ He said he had the capacity to figure out the delicate contours of these issues without actually reading about them.He said this is because ‘mera itna grasping tha.’Modi also revealed that he was a ‘good listener’ and was able to absorb what was being said to him well.When I heard him say this I thought it made him vulnerable to the bureaucrats he was trusting because he is dependent and can be fed as much or as little as the officer wants him to know.In the style of working as Modi describes it, a complex matter that occupies dozens and perhaps hundreds of pages in files is reduced to an oral summary.It is possible that because of lack of time or because the issue is overly complex, the oral summary is simplistic.On the basis of this summary, Modi takes a decision and this is then executed through the administration.This style seems to have worked well for Modi because ysl replica bags he is thought of as being a good chief minister in his 12 years in Gujarat.These days, however, I have been again thinking about Modi’s style of taking input in this form when taking decisions.That is because the Supreme Court fake ysl mon paris is asking critical questions about the way in which the demonetisation policy was rolled out.The court wants to know if the policy was planned properly, or a decision was taken ‘just like that’ when ysl l’homme fake Modi scrapped Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes on November 8.The court wanted to know why the government was announcing withdrawal limits but the banks were unable to give this to the citizens.Why did things appear like they had not been thought through?The Centre has pushed back strongly to assert its independence and said that monetary policy could not be made up by courts. I think the government is right on that count, and I hope that the issue is resolved in the government’s favour.To return to the subject, I think Modi’s style of working might have some advantages.For example, where quick decisions fake ysl kate bag need to be taken or where the issue is not complex. ysl replica bags china

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