With this technique you can let one musical element influence

Newsflash: Apparently living in segregated neighborhoods, especially those with fewer green spaces, higher crime rates and fewer city services, can be bad for one’s health. And might be a significant factor in the high blood pressure that plagues many African Americans. A study funded by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute found that when blacks move to less segregated neighborhoods, their systolic blood pressure numbers go down.

So mostly true, yes. Fruit is the “cleanest fuel”. We can run on meat, grains, dairy, etc but they are suboptimal “dirty fuels” and leave toxic byproducts. They are very clearly setting their child up for failure via a decision with only one good choice. Parents feelings and personal desires do not override the needs of the child to receive proper education, healthcare, and ability to navigate the world. Children are human beings that don belong to their parents.

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