Some examples are worms, starfish, arachnids, and crustaceans

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Celine Cheap We made \”This is the End\” years after \”Pineapple Express,\” and there\u0027s a shot in \”This is the End\” that\u0027s just a bunch of weed on a table, and people literally cheered in the theater when it came on the screen. [Laughs.] I think right now, if anything, probably more people are trying it than ever have because it\u0027s becoming a little more socially accepted than it was. And I\u0027m sure there are people who kind of thought, \u0027As things ease up, I\u0027ll try it,\u0027 you know? So I think there\u0027s a version where it\u0027s actually more popular than it\u0027s ever been Celine Cheap.